POF harness

Production and module table application for POF-Sets (MOST) for the automotive industry

Testing requirements

A manufacturer produces polymer optical fibres (POF) for the transmission of multimedia-signals in vehicles. Customers are component suppliers that are adding these fibres into their harnesses.
The pre-assembled POFs are placed dimensionally on a 7.5 m x 1.5 m module table in a way they will finally be installed in the vehicle. Thus, the real conditions are simulated as far as possible. Afterwards the functionality needs to be verified with an attenuation measurement.


The IVISion Studio Testing and Programming Software triggers each of the POF modules specifically to the individual vehicle. The POF modules' dust protection covers open and the operator can plug the POF connector including opened secondary locking mechanism into the module. The now following test ensures a correct latching of the plugs into the module. The secondary locking mechanism is fixed automatically but not yet completely closed.
After the operator has placed all lines he runs the attenuation measurement. It is measured, how much light that had been fed at the initial point into a fibre finally arrives at the point of measurement. If the test result is "PASS", the secondary locking mechanism of the plugs is finally closed and the completed bundle of POFs is ejected. In parallel the packaging label is printed and a protocol for the documentation generated.

Result / characteristics

The IVISion Studio Software communicates with a POF module that verifies the correct position of the plug, measures the attenuation, fixes the secondary closing mechanism and finally closes it completely after the test.

Polymer Optical Fibres (POF)
Polymer Optical Fibres (POF)