Code of conduct

on the social responsibility of WEETECH and the conduct for partners of WEETECH

1. Basic Understanding of Social Responsibility in Corporate Management

A mutual, basic understanding of social responsibility in corporate management forms the basis of this Code of Conduct. This means WEETECH assumes responsibility by bearing in mind the consequences of its business decisions and actions on economic, technological, social and environmental aspects and brings about an appropriate balance of interests. WEETECH voluntarily contribute to the well being and long-term development of a global society at every point it can at the locations where it is in business. It is geared towards universally held ethical values and principals, especially integrity, honesty and respect of human dignity.

We also expect this understanding from existing and potential distributors, vendors and suppliers, which is based on and confirms the following minimum recommendations and requirements of WEETECH.


2. Where the Code of Conduct applies

This Code of Conduct is in effect for all of WEETECH’s branches and business units worldwide.

WEETECH commits to promoting adherence to the content of this Code of Conduct at every point it can for its suppliers and in other parts of the value chain.

The scope of application includes the consideration of all direct and indirect business relationships under the influence of WEETECH


3. Core Values for Social Responsibility in Corporate Management

WEETECH actively works to ensure that the values and principles set out below are observed and complied with in a sustainable manner and demands this from its business partners.

Adherence to Laws

WEETECH will abide by the laws in effect and other legal requirements of the countries where it is in business. For countries that have a weak institutional framework, the company will carefully examine what good company practices from their home country should be applied to enable supportive, responsible company management.

Integrity and Organizational Governance

WEETECH gears its activities towards universally held ethical values and principals, especially integrity, honesty, respect of human dignity, openness and non-discrimination based on religion, ideology, gender and ethnicity.

WEETECH rejects corruption and bribery as stated in the relevant UN Convention. It uses suitable means to promote transparency, trading with integrity, responsible leadership and company accountability.

WEETECH pursues clean and recognized business practices and fair competition. In terms of competition, it focuses on professional behaviour and high standards of quality for work. It fosters partnership and trusting interaction with the supervisory authorities.

Consumer Interests

To the extent consumer interests are affected, WEETECH abides by regulations that protect the consumer, as well as appropriate sales, marketing and information practices. Groups that are in special need of protection (e.g. protection of minors) will receive special attention.

Communication and Secrecy

WEETECH will communicate in an open way and is oriented towards dialogue about the requirements of this Code of Conduct and about its implementation among employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. Every document and all information will be duly produced. They will not be unfairly changed or destroyed. They will be properly stored. Company secrets and partner’s business information will be handled sensitively and will be kept in confidence.

Human Rights

WEETECH is committed to promote human rights. It respects human rights stated in the Charter of the United Nations, especially those named in the following:

The protection of privacy, dignity and the rights of the individual are respected in accordance with the applicable law of the respective country.

Health and Safety
Ensuring health and work safety, especially the guarantee of a safe and health promoting work environment, avoiding accidents and injuries.

Protection of employees against bodily punishment and against physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.

Freedom of Conscience
Protection and guarantee of the right to freedom of conscience and freedom of expression.

Conflicts of interest
Personal relationships or interests of employees must not influence business activities at WEETECH. Actual conflicts of interest and even the appearance of a conflict of interest must therefore be avoided. All employees are required to report actual or potential conflicts of interest in order to avoid possible consequences for themselves under employment law or criminal law and disadvantages for WEETECH.

WEETECH is committed to fostering an open, responsible and safe culture throughout all of its operations, in accordance with best practices and legal requirements, and welcomes comments from individuals regarding serious concerns they may have about actual or alleged wrongdoing.

We do not tolerate harassment, retaliation, victimization or discrimination against whistleblowers. WEETECH will ensure that all individuals who have genuine concerns have free access to an independent, confidential mechanism to report such concerns if they feel unable or unwilling to share them with their direct supervisor.

Hours of Work and remuneration

WEETECH complies with the labor standards regarding the maximum permissible working hours according to the labor law of the respective country. We guarantee the remuneration of all employees according to the applicable national statutory minimum wage.

Environmental Protection

WEETECH fulfil the requirements and the standards for environmental protection that affect their operations and acts in an environmentally conscious way at all locations where it is in operation. For additional responsibility with natural resources, it holds to the principles from the Rio Declaration.

Conflict minerals

WEETECH 's Conflict Minerals Declaration is an integral part of our Code of Conduct and any business relationship. The declaration on conflict minerals can be requested separately.

Thus, we assume that also our dealers, vendors and suppliers comply with the high requirements of social and political responsibility. The primary goal is to prevent possible conflict financing from the trade of minerals and to trade and declare conflict materials in accordance with the law.

Civic Commitment

WEETECH contribute to the social and economic development of the countries and regions where it is in business and promotes appropriate, volunteer activities by its employees.


4. Corporate compliance


Internationally applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations are observed and respected. Corruption, bribery and money laundering are not tolerated. Conflicts of interest are thus obviated and objective decisions are made in day-to-day business.

Combating terrorism

The management of WEETECH acknowledges its special responsibility for compliance with all export control requirements. The Export Control Manual with the Internal Compliance Program (ICP) of WEETECH ensures compliance with national, European and international legal requirements on counter-terrorism and all its facets.


5. Implementation and Application

WEETECH will make every appropriate and reasonable effort to implement and to apply the principles and values described in this Code of Conduct both now and in the future. Contractual partners will be informed about the basic measures upon request and within the scope of a reciprocal cooperation, so that it becomes observable how keeping these measures is fundamentally guaranteed. No right exists to disseminate operational or business secrets related to competition or any other information that is in need of protection.

Status March 2021