Smartphone cable

Connection test and functional test of a multimedia cable with an integrated memory chip to connect smartphones with entertainment systems of cars with a W 454 test system

Testing requirements

A manufacturer produces high-end cables to link smart phones with car-specific entertainment systems. He attaches great importance on the electrical performance of the multi-pole connector plugs (phone side and vehicle side). Programmable memory chips are also integrated into the cables.


A W 454 test system including 2 x 500 test points is linked with a two-split adaption. This allows adapting one batch of 8 units while another batch is being tested.

After audio, video, remote, USB and power lines have been tested for continuity, insulation and electric strength, the circuit’s current consumption is measured. Subsequently the respective software is being uploaded and its version verified.

When the electrical test has been passed successfully the respective labels are printed and placed by the operator on the units. While the cables are being ejected automatically testing of the batch in the second half of the adaption will be initiated.

The operator can now begin adapting the next batch of cables.

Result / characteristics

The cable’s complex structure including the circuit as well as the verification of the integrated software requires an ambitious test environment. In addition, 2 x 8 units can be tested alternately on one adaption.