WK 260 RMC

The rigid, fast and reliable Connection- and Component-Tester

The WK 260 RMC is the fast, reliable and inexpensive low voltage tester for the needs of the railway industry. It combines the mechanical properties of our high voltage testers with the advantages of the fast and reliable WK 260 PC. You decide which industrial output connector is used on the tester. Benefit from the intuitive operation and installation to test quickly and reliably.

Faults can be displayed graphically and therefore localized very quickly in the unit under test (UUT). During the AutoStart/CommandBlock modus, identified faults are tested continuously in the background and kept displayed until they have been solved. A broad range of peripheral devices can be connected to the tester through the running PC.

  • Fast test speed through the usage of new technologies and new test algorithms
  • Test point cards that are robust against external voltages
  • Extended functionality by switching external voltages up to 50 V
  • Reduced test times through usage of a single point matrix
  • Expansion to up to 20,000 test points possible
  • Highly flexible, since each pin can be defined as
    • Test point – interconnection and measurement of current and voltage
    • LED point – activating LEDs in hand adapters or module tables
    • Power point – switching of external voltages in the functional test
    • ConnectorDetection – detection of plugs
    • Detection point – check non-electrical components such as secondary locks at a connector or clips at the harness
    • PositionMeasurement – measurement of a specific probe to identify the immersion depth
  • 4-terminal measurement (Kelvin method): 32 force / 32 sense points (optional)
  • High-current power points (max. 1.5 A) to control e.g. electric contactors (optional)
  • Switching of voltages up to 50 V e.g. for the functional test of relays and electronic components
  • Exact measurement of current and voltage
  • Accurate measurement down to 1 mOhm;
    with 4-terminal measurement down to 500 µOhm
  • Extensive diagnostic options for generator, measurement devices, test points, external voltages and LEDs
  • Autonomous addressing and identification of test point cards in the system
  • Automatic detection of test points, LED points, power points and ConnectorDetection points
  • ID-Chip channel to identify adaptation holders in the test board
  • Compact design allows space-saving installation
  • Controlling through an Ethernet interface enables the connection with any generic computer
  • Huge number of interfaces
    • Serial and parallel interfaces to link with peripheral devices
    • USB interfaces to load test programs or user IDs
  • Many new functions simplify the development of test programs
  • Simple conversion of test programs from IVIS 5 or IVISion 3
  • Easy import of test programs or data (e.g. naming of the pins) from Microsoft® Excel®
  • Graphical display of failures for a quick localization in the Unit Under Test (UUT)
  • Continuous testing of identified faults in the background to keep them displayed until they have been solved (AutoStart/CommandBlock)
  • Flexible Module Test to test different variants on one system (KSK, Kundenspezifischer Kabelsatz = customer specific cable harness)

® Microsoft and Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, United States.


Typical areas of applications

  • Tests of cables and harnesses
  • Tests of electrical components
  • Tests of subassemblies, e.g. in the automotive industry

Supported test types

  • Connection test
  • Short test
  • Component test
  • Functional test of switches and push buttons
  • Functional test of relays


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Actual Applications

Relay and fuse box

Relay and fuse box
Relay and fuse box
WK 260 PC with ID-Chip-Detection

WK 260 PC with ID-Chip-Detection
WK 260 PC with ID-Chip-Detection