Mechanical and electrical engineering industry

A wide range of modular test systems for actually any test requirement

Electric and electronic components and systems are applied in many areas of our daily live. Across the years many products have become complex technical arrangements.

Future developments in society as they are predicted by some trend researchers in so-called megatrends make them even more complex and more complicated. The demographic change and changes in the health systems pose new challenges for medical technology. Virtual workplaces and the increasing digitization and networking ask for new communication systems. Ever smaller and more sophisticated products, further distributed value chains and smaller batch sizes require new solutions in production and robotics. And these are only a few examples.

The test systems from WEETECH provide the best possible conditions to ensure the quality of products and components now and into the future.

Features and Benefits

  • Modular designed test systems can be adjusted exactly to local situation and the specific requirements of the unit under test
    • In case the testing environment changes additional functions can be integrated or unlocked at any time
  • Distributed switching matrix for easy final inspection of huge machinery or installations with widely separated connection points of up to 200 m
    • Optional extension units and matrix cases allow for up to 500,000 test points
    • Short adaption cables increase measurement accuracy
    • Weight optimized matrix cases facilitate handling
  • Compact, portable testers allow for functional tests of sub-assemblies directly at the place where they are built in
  • Flexible Software solutions IVISion Studio, CEETIS and CEETIS Smart communicate with ERP* systems to manage individual tests of different product variants
  • Bi-directional remote control to trigger modules of the adaption, to activate peripheral equipment (e.g. marking devices) or to communicate with an external PLC*
  • Fast turn-around times allow for a seamless performance of the given circle times in an automated production line
  • Efficient test systems for the functional test with rated voltages or insulation test with up to 5,100 VDC or 3,600 Vac

*ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning
*PLC = Programmable Logic Controller

Engineering industry

Engineering industry
Flexible and modular test systems for actually any test requirement.


WK 260 MU
WK 260 PC
WK 260 DC
W 434
W 434 PRO
W 444
W 454
W 454 HV / W 454 SHV


PV-Module terminal box
Smartphone cable
Connector plugs

Areas of Application

  • Cables and harnesses
  • Electrical components
  • Switches and operating units
  • Bus systems
  • Polymer Optical Fibres (POF)
  • Subassemblies