W 484 and W 484 PLUS

The low-cost test systems for high-voltage components of the e-mobility with test voltages up to 4,300 V

For testing high-voltage cable harnesses and components for electric and hybrid vehicles, the system W 484 was developed. It meets the requirements of the LV 123* industrial standard. The high-voltage generator HVG 4300 delivers voltages of up to 4,300 Vdc/3,000 Vac and is current-limited to a maximum of 3.8 mA. This makes the W 484 harmless according to DIN EN 50191. Optionally, an HVG 4300-12 with currents of maximum 12 mA can also be used.
Resistance measurements in the µOhm range, insulation tests in the GOhm-range as well as a highly developed ARC detection enable a flexible use also in other areas.

The W 484 PLUS also provides cost-optimized LV-test points for test benches and adaptation modules that can be used as LED, detection or power points. The test system is compatible with all adaptation tables available on the market and meets their technical requirements.

  • Developed and optimized for e-mobility
  • For testing of high voltage cables, complies with LV 123*
  • Non-hazardous to touch according to DIN EN 50191 due to the current-limitation to 3.8 mA / 2.7 mAeff (HVG 4300)
  • optional HV generator with current limitation to 12 mA / 8.5 mAeff (HVG 4300-12)
  • Short circuit, insulation and electric strength test up to 4,300 Vdc / 3,000 Vac
  • Open test continuously programmable up to 1 A
  • Resistance measurement from 500 µOhm
  • Insulation resistance measurement up to 10 GOhm
  • Twisted Pair Test from 10 pF /capacitance measurement up to 10 mF
  • Transistor test points for the LV-test and for controlling LEDs and presence check
  • Non-hazardous voltages according to DIN EN 50191 due to current limitation to 3.8 mA / 2.7 mAeff (Standard version, equipped with HVG 4300)
  • Ethernet interface with opto-decoupling of the control PC
  • Integrated HV-SAFETY for safe disconnection of the high voltage source via EMERGENCY STOP, SAFETY or HV-ENABLE
  • 44 to 528 HV test points, output connector HAN 46 EE
  • 64 to 768 LV test points, output connector DIN 41612, type C
  • HV test point modules for voltages up to 4,300 Vdc / 3,000 Vac
  • 19'' enclosure in 3 different sizes
  • Cost-effective low voltage test points - configurable as LED, detection or power points
  • Can be used for LED-supported orientation on the adaptation table
  • Checking of non-electrical parts such as clips and seals
  • Interconnection of voltages, for example for activation of motor-driven secondary locks
  • 19-inch housing in 3 different sizes
  • Can be integrated into test benches, no additional floor space required
  • Retractable handles for easy transportation
  • Output of the test data at the printer, as a file or into a database

*LV 123 Standard: "Electrical characteristics and electrical safety of high-voltage components in road vehicles; requirements and tests." (AUDI, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen)


Typical Applications in the E-mobility

  • High-voltage harnesses and connectors
  • Charging cables and charging plugs
  • Disconnectors and high voltage contactors
  • Charging stations and wallboxes

Supported test types

  • Connection test
  • Short test
  • Component test
  • Insulation test
  • Electric strength test
  • Functional test of switches and push buttons
  • Functional test of relays
  • Component test with RLC meter


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Actual applications

Cable harness for hybrids
Cable harness for hybrids